City of Bellmead receives Phase II of PetSmart Grant

The City of Bellmead has received Phase II of the PetSmart Grant. Last year, the city received $11,500 and spent $10,000 of that money for its Trap-Neuter-Release program to reduce the number of free roaming cats in Bellmead. The city was given one year to complete the capture and spay, neuter and rabies shots of more than 200 cats. They met the mark in four months.

The city re-applied for the grant, and at the encouragement of PetSmart, requested the grant for another year, this time to process 500 cats with a $25,000 grant.

For more information, contact Bellmead Animal Control Officer Charles Maskell or Paul Estrada at (254) 799-0251 for help with the following:

  • Get approval for TNR grant funds
  • Borrow a TNR loaner trap
  • Report a feral cat colony in need of TNR
  • Request Volunteer Assistance with Trapping
  • Assistance with transportation for trapped cats
  • EZ Trap Training Classes & Volunteer Orientations*

* Trap Training, TNR Volunteer Orientations & other community cat assistance provided CommCAT (formerly Heart of Texas Feral Friends) & MARC.

New volunteers are welcome. Contact Bellmead Animal Control for dates of the next New Volunteer Orientation.

Project TNR Bellmead grant is supervised by the City of Bellmead, Bellmead Police Department, Bellmead Animal Control, and the Bellmead Animal Advisory Board.

“Project TNR Bellmead will fast-track the goals of the City of Bellmead to significantly reduce the number of free-roaming cats and offspring; decrease the number of cat complaint calls to Bellmead Animal Control; and provide caregivers with the financial assistance needed to assertively implement TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) at their cat colony for maximum impact.” Project TNR Bellmead Grant Proposal

Cats that have been processed have their left ear clipped for easy identification.

Project TNR Flyer

City of Bellmead Hiring Violence Against Women Detective

The City of Bellmead Hiring Violence Against Women Detective.

This is a mid-level, professional staff, full-time (grant funded) position with the City’s Police Department.  A Detective in the Bellmead Police Department conducts specialized functions of criminal investigations. He or she is assigned to violence against women cases and is responsible for responding to the scenes of crimes, conduct preliminary and or follow-up investigations, preparing the required investigative reports, apprehending the suspect, preparing the case for a successful prosecution, preparing and documenting grant reports, working with the crime victim liaison for reduction of crime and assistance to crime victims, and testifying in court.

Job Description

Bellmead Update March

Greetings Bellmead Citizens;
BELLMEAD’S BOOMING!  The City Council and the City of Bellmead suffered a great loss as the Lord saw fit to call Home Councilman U. F. Roberts on March 14.  Mr. Roberts had served on the City Council for five years with a one year term as mayor.  He was 94 years old.  He will be missed by many.  His vacant seat will be addressed at the April City Council meeting where it is likely that the Council will appoint someone to complete the term, which ends in May 2016.  This new face will join two other new faces after the elections this May. Councilman Carlos Luna and I, Councilman Kevin Wilson are not seeking another term.  Councilman Luna’s seat for Precinct 1 will go to Ms. Alfreda Love who is running unopposed.  Councilman Doss Youngblood is also running unopposed and will retain his seat for Precinct 5.  My seat will be decided by the voters in May as Travis Gibson and Marty Hernandez are both seeking to hold the seat for Precinct 2. Even with these three new faces we still know that BELLMEAD MEANS BUSINESS!
On March 10 the City Council meeting was held with two Public Hearings.  After the invocation and Pledge we heard from citizens during the comment phase and approved prior meeting minutes.  The Public Hearings were to discuss the Animal Shelter Services and possible implementation of Poly Carts from Waste Management.  The overwhelming response was in support of the new Poly Carts for trash pick-up at about a 5-1 ratio and in support of providing funds for a new animal shelter with the City of Waco. A Public Hearing will be held at the April meeting to allow for more comments.  The regular agenda included following:
  • We approved a Resolution to support the Waco Metropolitan Area Regional Sewer System (WMARSS) for the design and engineering for a LaSalle Lift Station and related Interceptors in the amount of $14,644.  Bellmead has been a member of this regional partnership for many years and we continue to support the shared expenses for the greater good of the area.  We also passed a Resolution in support of Waco’s application for a Flood Protection Planning Grant.  This is a simple pledge in support of their request and does not cost Bellmead anything financially.
  •  The Council approved a Resolution to contract with RBDR Architects for services related to constructing a new municipal court building and remodeling the Police and Fire Stations.  The cost is expected to be about $78,500 to oversee the entire project from start to finish. The Council did not immediately approve another Resolution for the purchase of a new street sweeper which would cost the city about $174,000. This will possibly be discussed at a later meeting.
  • Councilman Mathew Jordon was selected by Council to serve as one of 23 members who will select the nine committee members to serve on the new McLennan County Rural Transit District. He may or may not be one of the final 9 members on that committee.
  • We accepted the city’s Investment Report for the quarter ending Dec. 31, 2014. The report was normal and highlighted the low interest rates being offered by banks at this time.  The City’s financial strength is solid and Bellmead has a bright future ahead. A closed Executive Session was held to discuss some legal matters before the meeting adjourned.
Because I have chosen not to seek reelection, my service time will end soon. I will continue to proudly and responsibly serve you and the City of Bellmead for the remainder of my term. I am still available to anyone who may need my services and as always, I am happy to serve and to help anyone I can. I thank you for the privilege of allowing me to serve. Have a safe and Beautiful day in Bellmead!  
Kevin Wilson
Councilman Precinct 2,
City of Bellmead, TX

Board of Adjustments Meeting March 19

The City of Bellmead Board of Adjustments will be at 6 p.m. March 19 at Bellmead City Hall.


Public Hearing April 14 regarding Poly Carts and Animal Shelter Services

The Bellmead City Council will hold a public hearing as part of the city council meeting at 6:30 p.m. April 14 regarding the implementation of Poly Carts from Waste Management as part of the city’s solid waste collection and disposal system. A public hearing also will be held regarding the Animal Shelter Services.

Candidates set for May 9 Bellmead City Council ballot

The following candidates have submitted their application to appear on the May 9 Bellmead City Council ballot:
Precinct 1 Alfreda Love
Precinct 2 Travis Gibson and Oralia (Marty) Hernandez
Precinct 5 Doss Youngblood

Bellmead Police Department hiring lieutenant

The Bellmead Police Department is hiring a police lieutenant. This is a senior-level, professional staff, full-time position with the City’s Police Department. An individual in this position will be responsible for providing senior level supervision and administrative support as the head of their assigned division.

More information

Bellmead hiring city secretary

The City of Bellmead is hiring a city secretary.

This position is accountable for the administration, monitoring and compliance of services and functions which are legally mandated by ordinances, City Charter, and applicable state laws.

The incumbent serves as the administrator and custodian of City ordinances, proclamations, minutes of City Council and all boards and commission meetings. Outstanding oral communications and interpersonal skill to be able to meet with the public and discuss their problems.

City Secretary Job Description

House Bill 3693 Compliance Details

Compliance with HB 3693
The following information is being posted in compliance with the requirements of HB 3693 [Government Code Section 2264.001(b)].

Municipal Energy Usage for Calendar Year 2014

The City of Bellmead purchases natural gas from Atmos Energy. In calendar year 2014, the City purchased a total of 8,127 thousand cubic feet (MCF) of natural gas.

The City purchases electricity from GEXA Energy. In calendar year 2014, the City purchased a total of 3,383,818 kilowatt hours.
The City of Bellmead is a municipal water supplier and does not purchase water. As a self-supplier, no municipal funds were expended to purchase water for municipal services.

The total cost of natural gas and electricity purchased by the City in calendar year 2014 was $435,168.75.

Electricity = $426,672.18
Natural Gas = $8,496.57

City Hall Dais has a new look

The Bellmead City Hall dais has been lowered in height so board members can now been seen and not just heard. With Mayor Doss Youngblood leading the volunteer group, the finished product is most welcoming.

City Manager Bo Thomas, right, presented a plaque Jan. 13 at the City Council meeting to those who assisted in the project and were present at the meeting. In attendance were Mayor Doss Youngblood, center, and Devin Kluk, left. Many thanks to Doss Youngblood, Devin Kluk, Harry Myers, William Mynar, Austin Behlinger and Ray “Limestone” Black.